PAIS: The Sound of a Community Effort

“Every contribution matters.” Anybody who ever played in a sport team probably heard this sentence at some point. Actually, this is completely true also as far as science is concerned. Whereas in the collective imagination science is about big discoveries made by a single genius, the truth is that great science is made little by little, step by step. Science is a community effort in which every contribution matters. And that is the concept from which this video was born. 


marco battigelliMarco Battigelli is a jazz pianist, composer and and arranger from Trieste, born in 1992. He is currently majoring in Jazz Piano Performance. As a composer/arranger, he won a Special Award for his best arrangement at the “Solevoci International A Cappella Contest” in Varese, Italy, and worked for vocal group Sirens Vocal Band 藍色警報 from Taipei, Taiwan (Vocal Asia). As a jazz pianist he performed in piano duo at the Trieste Loves Jazz Festival in Piazza Verdi in Trieste for "A Night For Lelio", commemorating Lelio Luttazzi, and worked for the "Civica Orchestra di Fiati "G. Verdi" - Città di Trieste" music school, giving concert/lectures about jazz history and performance.